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Charles Tashima Architecture, Ltd is a London based design Studio engaged in the practice and teaching of architecture. At the heart of our work is an ambition to create spaces that are rich in experience and material, paying particular attention to designing out of what already exists. Our approach is responsive and adaptive. We delight in the constraints and latent potentials of space, materials and objects together with the needs and requirements of our clients. The Studio explores a wide range of materials, from concrete, brickwork, wood, steel and glass, organically emerging out of the combination of the latent qualities of existing conditions set against new uses, needs and qualities. As we engage with pre-existing spaces we delight in the use of reclaimed and found things. These are important to us, not for romantic or nostalgic reasons nor any arguments of any environmental advantage but for the ability of physical matter, embedded with their layered histories, to define the character of space.

The built projects of the Studio have to date comprised primarily residential terrace houses in London. Each project places value on the eclectic adaptation of existing conditions with particular attention given to the character of the building’s existing historic qualities, while contributing elements that are new and contemporary. The practice is committed to the development of its projects in accordance with the particularities of each brief as determined by conditions of site, client requirements, cost and construction, rather than rely any formula or style.

The Studio has also been exploring larger scale work through competitions as well as fictional design projects or Topographical Fictions, exploring the boundaries of landscape and architecture in terms of form, scale and performance. This work emerges out of found archetypal conditions, whether an open agricultural field, earth mound, mountainous road or vernacular town.